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Delicious grilled burger with Indigo Lake BBQ Sauce
Indigo Lake Sauce Company Product Lineup

Smokehouse Burger

with Smoked Steak & Burger Rub


Easy to make and achieve juicy, flavorful Smokehouse hamburgers on the grill. Using Indigo Lake Smoked Steak & Burger Rub on the beef, you can easily serve up delicious, flavorful grilled BBQ burgers.


Liberally sprinkle Smoked Steak & Burger Rub on both sides of burger before grilling. Grill to your desired doneness, place the burger on a bun or not, garnish to your liking and serve.

Top generously with either Cherry Bourbon or Memphis Inspiration sauce.

Enjoy vorasciously!

Prep Time: 4 minutes

Cook Time: 7-10 minutes

Servings: Varies

Download a PDF of This Recipe

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